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"It's been hard we have struggled, people have made mistakes and some of us didn't know what was Valentino Flats Rockstud

Eagle said that she, along with every other board member, received several e mails, phone calls and letters from students at Imagine Mableton regarding the renewal.

going on, but now we know," Gatlin said. "Put us on probation, give us one year, then we'll come back please, consider us."

Of the four charters schools petitioning the school board, only International Academy of Smyrna was approved, with the board granting its request for a five year renewal petition 6 1, with David Morgan dissenting. Along with the denial of Imagine Mableton's renewal, the board unanimously turned down a five year start up petition for Turning Point Charter Leadership Academy School of Excellence. STEAM Academy of Cobb withdrew its five year start up petition just hours before the meeting.

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´╗┐Reality tough to Imagine for ill fated Cobb charter school

Valentino Sneaker White

"Should the Valentino Sneaker White death penalty be given to this community?"

"This school has meant so much to me in so many ways Imagine has taught me to dig deeper within myself and do more than is required of me. Because I am a leader, Imagine reinforced the importance of being a great leader. Therefore, instead of giving 100 percent, I give 110 percent."

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Banks, Angelucci and Stultz said it was not their place as board members to tell a parent where to send their child to school.

The school board voted 4 3 to close the school after this school year, with Kathleen Angelucci, David Banks and Tim Stultz dissenting.

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Sweeney echoed Eagle's statements and said that he listened to the administration's concerns in making his decision last night.

"However these parents made a choice," he said. "These parents had an issue, they found an answer to their issue, and I don't think that as a board member, I should overrule the choice of a parent."

Banks commended the administration for their due diligence with the petition and said he thinks that their recommendation was correct

She added that she and her classmates may be students today, but tomorrow they would be the mayors, entrepreneurs and the school board members that will decide the fates that impact their communities.

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Valentino Sneaker White

Morgan, Lynnda Eagle, Scott Sweeney and Alison Bartlett voted to follow the administration's recommendation to not renew the charter.

"You here are very passionate and there are many good things that have gone on, but it's also important to say that we want the very best for you and for every student in Cobb County," she said. "We have something to offer you. I don't think it's accurate to say there isn't a place for you. We will provide what you're getting."

"As a school community, we disagree with not being allowed a chance to live, learn and succeed in the future we ask for reason and objectivity," said James Owmby, the school's dean of students. Ysl Sandals 2017

Valentino Sneaker White

Armani Singh, who has attended the school for five years, said it saddened her to have to stand before the board on behalf of her classmates.

"We thought that two years were more reasonable to gain better financial footing, and also we didn't want to come before Cobb County and disrespect the county by asking for a charter that you didn't view favorably," she said.

Lastly, sixth grader McKenzie Manor said, "I have attended Imagine for three years so far. I would like to stay for the rest of my middle school years," before breaking down midway through her Valentino Studded Shoes Pink

Seven members of the Imagine Mableton community, including students, a board member and a grandparent, addressed the board during public comments Thursday, asking that they approve the petition.

Area superintendent Robert Benson told the school board that they were not recommending approval of the renewal because of financial issues, a lack of documentation for special education students, the school's failure to fully seat a seven member board and their average test scores.

"(School choice) must be balanced with responsibility. There have been serious concerns about the financial viability of the school," he said, addressing the school's $3 million plus deficit that was forgiven by Imagine EMOs last school year.

Dianne Gatlin, whose grandchildren attend Imagine, said the community has become more involved in the school.

"This has been a very labor intensive and grueling process for so many involved, and this school has shown a great deal of passion and commitment and have a fondness for their school," said Morgan, who represent the district where the school is located.

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Students Omar Benjamin and Nadea Walters spoke in Spanish to the board members, saying that if the board didn't renew the charter, many children won't have a place to go and will miss opportunities like they have had at Imagine Mableton.

Angelucci echoed Banks' comment, saying, "I think that parents should have every choice possible for their children I sincerely hope that you will continue to fight for your school."

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Each board member explained their decision before casting their votes.

two minute statement.

"I beg each of you to not make us pay for the mistakes of those who have placed our chances for renewal in jeopardy," she said. "Give the students an opportunity to fix the problems."

One of the school's board members, Joslyn Jackson, said the school was asking for a renewal for just two years, rather than the more common five, to make their petition more viable.

Approximately 100 people were present from Imagine Mableton. The southeast Cobb schools was seeking a two year renewal, which would have started the 2012 13 school year.

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MARIETTA Approximately 620 students in Cobb County are going to be searching for new schools next year after school board members voted not to renew Imagine International Academy of Mableton's two year petition at the Cobb Board of Education meeting Thursday night.

Added Stultz: "I know that these parents have already made the choice for what they want for their children, and I don't think it's the place of a board member."

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