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"Usually children lose what they've learned when they go on summer break," explained the well spoken 10 year old, who wants to become a dermatologist. The summer program helps "get your grades up when you're in regular school," she said.

A study of three summer enrichment programs, including those in Los Angeles, conducted by the Summer Matters campaign, indicates the programs produce results. Students in the programs raised their vocabulary skills as much as one third of an Sneakers Ysl Malibu

Oakland is among the districts bucking statewide trends by blending traditional academic summer school with enrichment programs at about 45 campuses.

With cups of baking soda and calcium chloride in front of them, students played the role of the scientist, explaining chemical reactions to pretend visitors.

Purple Pumps With Ankle Strap

´╗┐Rebooted summer programs in Oakland make learning fun to prevent 'summer slide'

Because they are dependent on outside funding, the potential for these programs to become permanent substitutes for traditional district run summer classes is unknown.

"In order for summer learning programs to spread across the state, there will need to be public support for them," Brackenridge said. "These are not programs that, over the long term, can be sustained at volume by private funding, but private funding can absolutely play a role in augmenting public support."

Purple Pumps With Ankle Strap

The district receives about $800,000 in grants and state money to help run summer enrichment programs at several school sites. Bechtel Jr. Foundation, and about $226,000 in federal 21st Century Community Learning Center funding, according to district figures.

Sixth grader Taheerah McKinney knew exactly why she was there and she was glad.

Traditional remedial summer classes can be "pretty grim," said Katie Brackenridge, senior director for expanded learning initiatives with the Partnership for Children and Youth, whose "Summer Matters" campaign pushes for expanded summer programs. "Part of it is that kids already walk in the door probably not liking learning so much, and that's how they got stuck in remediation in the first place. We're looking at how do you make those learning opportunities engaging."

While summer classes targeted at struggling students are nearing extinction on many school campuses, school districts such as Oakland Unified are rebooting the traditional summer education model by blending academics with recreational activities intended to prevent students from falling even further behind.

This summer, Oakland is serving up to 6,000 students from prekindergarten through high school, including offering credit recovery and remediation courses Purple Pumps With Ankle Strap at 10 high schools.

Purple Pumps With Ankle Strap

Purple Pumps With Ankle Strap

Purple Pumps With Ankle Strap

"We don't want to have kids sitting in desks for six hours during the summer," said Julie McCalmont, coordinator of Summer Learning Programs in Oakland Unified. "There's no research to prove that's what it takes to get kids back on track. We have learning goals that have to do with health and wellness, that have to do with social and emotional learning, the kind of goals that allow us to be more innovative with our remediation and pull away from that traditional summer school model that kids find kind of a drag. We want kids to be clamoring for our programs."

Purple Pumps With Ankle Strap

Earlier in the day, students participated in more rigorous programs that focused on keeping up skills in math and reading. Older students who needed makeup classes participated in credit recovery programs.

Purple Pumps With Ankle Strap

Purple Pumps With Ankle Strap

Keep up, catch up

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, a large supporter of summer programs, has also dedicated $14 million over the next four years to support programs in 10 communities, including Oakland, Los Angeles and Sacramento.

Unlike traditional summer classes that districts had to pay for out of their own budgets, these programs are funded with help from federal and state initiatives or grants from philanthropic foundations. Many of the programs are typically offered in partnership with nonprofit groups, some of which have already been working on campuses to provide after school programs during the regular school year.

Purple Pumps With Ankle Strap

instructional grade at the end of the six week program. Students and their parents also reported that attitudes about school and reading improved after participating in the programs.

The shift to more enrichment based programs reflects an economic reality High Heels Camouflage

In another classroom, students used colored pencils to find and color patterns they found on a geometric worksheet.

Enrichment programs typically run about six weeks and are offered for as long as six hours a day. Mornings are traditionally spent on academics, while the afternoons are dedicated to hands on STEM studies science, technology, education and mathematics programs arts and crafts, lab work or sports.


in the state, where school districts' general fund budgets were not able to sustain more traditional summer classes intended to help students who are lagging academically make up for lost time or work.

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Purple Pumps With Ankle Strap

An EdSource survey of the 30 largest school districts found that, while 16 districts planned to keep their summer school programs this year, their offerings are drastically reduced from the start of the recession in 2008. Seven districts said they would have to cut their programs even further compared with last year. Two districts, Anaheim Union High and Long Beach Unified, won't offer any academic summer school programs this year, the survey found.

On a recent July morning, seventh graders at Oakland Unified's Coliseum College Prep Academy in East Oakland, for instance, were busy converting their classroom into a science museum where they would soon demonstrate chemical reactions to a visiting class of eighth graders. The program built on what students learned on a previous visit to the Exploratorium, a science museum in San Francisco that features hands on exhibits and exploration.

These summer programs are being reinvisioned as a way to use the time during school more effectively to help close academic achievement gaps between more affluent and poor students. In contrast to traditional remedial summer classes, these "enrichment" programs focus on fun, engaging activities with a strong educational component to keep student interest high.

Purple Pumps With Ankle Strap

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